Google Analytics and business leads: It takes two to tango

Do you ask yourself the following as a marketer or entrepreneur? Where are the most valuable prospects? How can we seduce web visitors to enter their personal details? How does the Analytics dashboard provide us with a good image of our pipeline?

Summer is a great time to analyse your lead generation and Analytics configuration. After all, some things can always be improved. Get yourself ready and let’s go.

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50 milliseconds of truth

We’d rather not admit it. But we do judge a book by it’s cover. According to what he or she wears and a shop according to the window dressing. It’s in our nature and it’s very useful. In a world with endless choices and possibilities, a first impression is our way of filtering and making sure we don’t get swamped by information. This is definitely a challenge for lead generation. Because how do you get past this filter across to the people. How do you capture their attention/ keep them interested. Branding and lead generation go hand in hand and work as a team.

50 milliseconden.001
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Product of the World

Monday, 29th of September. A big day for EasyLeads. A powerful proposition has been converted into a clear brand. As of Friday, EasyLeads will be wearing a new jacket. A fitting logo, business cards, presentation material and a new website. All this in order to become an online magnet for clients (through social, search and inbound / contact marketing).

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